Interface Timeout Not happening

So Im in the middle of a middle but I will update the thread with the replay file later. Currently I have my interface time out at 2 seconds but now it is refusing to time out at all. I have changed it from 2 to 5 to 10 seconds and then never and the interface is refusing to time out. I started the flight and the interface was timing out as usual.

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 8
OS: Android 8.0
Device Unlocked: Unlocked
Samsung security patch: December 1st patch
Samsung One UI: No
IF version: 19.1

Put app into screen game lock mode and after 2 minutes it time out but still should have timed out in 2 seconds not 2 minutes. Had previously been on for around 20-30 minutes before I noticed and tried to correct.

2nd Edit: This is not about replay this is about in the middle of an actual flight

What are you trying to hide? The GUI? Status Bar? The Hud?

Is this after a fresh install or just an update of the app?

Status bar etc. I have the status bar disappearing with interface timeout enabled also

Fresh install. I had to reinstall due to the A330 changes.

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Can you try to screenshot of it? This will help me a little bit.

If you’re talking about live replay, the interface timeout doesn’t comply to it.

If you don’t want to see the UI on live replay, just hold down on the screen for 3 seconds, then the UI interface will go away!

Hopefully this helps!

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This isnt about wanting to see the interface in replay this is about seeing it in flight when it shouldnt be dispalyed

Just to confirm for me and everyone else, when your in a flight, the status bar below, (i.e. examples like flight time, yoke, Altitude AGL, etc) won’t go away even after the set 2, 5, and 10 seconds?

Yup in flight it wouldnt go away. Only did after I set my note 8 game settings to lock screen mode and came back a couple minutes later it had reset.

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