Interface layout issue with new iPhones

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if any one else has had an issue with playing IF on newer iPhones where the island notch is further down the screen which interferes with certain pop ups like the map our throttle. Its definitely not a game breaker but would be nice if there was an update to ensure none of the interface is blocked by the notch.


We are not aware of any issues like that.
Looking on my own iPhone 15 Pro. The notch does not cover any significant portion of the throttle.

Could it be that you have display zoom enabled on your device?


Hey mate,

It’s mostly regarding the map pop ups, this is a screenshot to show what’s blocked off by the notch for me. Obviously not a deal breaker but would be a nice quality of life improvement because the “x” is covered by the notch. :)

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In this case I would suggest clicking on the ATC button and it should go away.

I have the 14pro and have noticed this too. It can be quite annoying, But it doesn’t bug me too much because I just flip my phone around, my phones charger is located to the left of me anyways.
The only way i’v found to closing the mini-map when this happens, is to pause the game and that will rest it.

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