Interface issues

  • 77W EK
  • FL370
  • M 0.85

Today, I was doing a medium haul flight when the interface suddenly disappeared. The volume also disappeared. The flight was still progressing well without any lag or freezing spikes but I could not access the interface when I tapped the screen. A few internet connection mishaps occurred during the flight.

I reinstalled Infinite flight after previous scenarios and I always Restart my device before any flight. No other app other than IF was running.

Apple iPhone 5S 16GB
iOS 11.1.2
8.4 GB free memory
Latest version of IF as of 1300Z

Thanks for your help

This might be your problem Ive noticed that on older devices the new update glitches out some times causing this, and as your device is around 5 years old it is no surprise.

Most likely but I’ve had Infinite Flight since day 1 of global without this issue until yesterday.

That may be true, but devices can go from running amazing one day to not running at all correctly the next day.

I have restarted the device and I’ll do a flight later on. If a similar issue occurs, I’ll report it.

ok sounds good and maybe event try delete and reinstall

Does this happen with all flights or was it every now and then?

I have experienced it as well on Android where I would be flying and not able to bring it back. I usually had to hit the back button to get to the pause screen in order to get it working again. I don’t think I have experienced lately though.

It happens randomly. The device still operates smoothly but the interface doesn’t respond.

IVe reinstalled the app and its all fixed :)