Interesting Waypoint Name to DCA

Hey guys, I don’t know if this would go in Funniest Waypoint names because it’s not very funny, it’s actually interesting. I was flying from KSTL-KDCA and the waypoint names are going back to September 11th, 2001. This is all near Washington D.C


This is a duplicate.

This is amazing! I never knew of this. This makes me so happy, lol.

Always remember,

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I don’t think it is one. He never states that these are humorous. He’s just saying that he found a cool sentence in waypoints.

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This one doesn’t really go into that topic, please read before posting this.

What might RLLLL mean?

I couldn’t debunk that one, probably just a regular waypoint

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Could mean “rally” like, “we will rally victory”, but I think there’d be a Y in there somewhere.

Found the reasoning to it! There’s actually more of them :)


Really cool to know this waypoint sentence exists.

We will never forget.


Well, it is our nation’s capital, so I would expect no less.