Interesting Takeoff Method

Set winds to max and wind direction so it blows from the front of the aircraft to the back.
Set weight and balance to light and flaps to 5percent.
Full power and rotate like to taking off and you will eventually go airborne and make sure you leave breaks turned on.
Use the new dash 8Q400 it was quiet interesting


You can even make a 360 in mid air

Was that u doing that at KNUC in a 747?

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This is my technique at EHBX

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If you search youtube there’s a small clip of a little cub doing the same.

Winds were strong enough to lift the plane without it even moving!

MaxSez: I hope all you yoyo’s are experimenting on Solo or TR-2. Do it on TR-1 and I’ll report you, Expert where you’ll never wind up will GHOST you.

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Good thing you are doing this in Solo since you can’t manual change wind speed and direction in Live.