Interesting sighting above Ireland

So i was just on youtube and this poped in my feed and its pretty intresting.

What do you think it was?


Of course someone would reply with that.


See when some guy in Montana or somthing claimes to have seen one, so what? But several trained processionals? I’m not saying I’m convinced, but definitely intresting…


Pretty convincing. If one guy noticed, its nothing worth noticing, but several pilots?! Jesus where’s my tinfoil hat!

In all seriousness, I wonder if was something close to Japan Airlines 1628

Allec Jousha Ibay:


True but when they said meteor the thing thats odd is that a cant turn left or right without and force of soemthing

I was going to create a topic too
Here’s a article

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This is a globalist conspiracy to bring out the aliens and the gigantic lizards from the center of the earth to finally vaporize us. Put on your foil hats, people. This is going to be rough.


I think it was the Russian Tupulov blackjack its the only capable aircraft in service that can go Mach 2

It would be an international incident if the TU-160 was all the way over Ireland.

Yes but it could have been off the radar training

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They wouldn’t do it over another country, as this would be considered an act of war.

That’s highly unlikely as it would have been picked up by Radar Stations and intercepted. And it would be all over the news.

Maybe it was someone flying an Aerocycle 😏🤫😅


Looking forward to what the IAA have to say I don’t live to far from where it was crossing

Listened to atc, sounds like something astronomical, whether that be meteors or space junk falling, November is oddly one of the busiest in the year for that sort of stuff.

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It was @DeerCrusher 😏

If it wasn’t then it was ET

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Nothing to see, just a routine weather balloon… says every government everywhere lol.

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😳 cough Concorde 🚀


We’re you up in the old Avro again @DeerCrusher?