"Interesting" registration code for the Q400

I was flying in the Q400 first flight event and I noticed this “Interesting” registration code for the Q400

@DIsraelFDS you sneaky little b*stard lol 😂


The other planes have Jarno’s callsign.

What is his callsign

PH-JAR. Or something like that.

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I can’t seem to find any aircraft with callsign

Try not to tag staff

No, I tagged him becuase now I really want to know what other Easter eggs are hidden in the gane

D1ZY is DavidFDS’s callsign. N was probably added as the US prefix?


I also noticed this I wish that’s what painted as the tail number as well like Matts on the A-320 series.

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Realism fans must also note

“this aircraft is not equipped for steep approaches”

How can I bring myself to land a Dash at EGLC now?!