Interesting Planes: 777-300ER Paper Airplane Model

So I was browsing around Youtube and I ended up coming across something very peculiar and amazing at the same time. It was a video about a guy that has constructed a Boeing 777-300ER entirely out of paper.

According to the video, the project has taken a few years to get to where it has gotten and still has a few years to go before it is complete. Also the aircraft has gone through a few redesigns in the process so he could add complexity and detail to it. I can only imagine some of the design challenges he has faced!

Once I find his Youtube channel, I’ll post it up so people can follow him!

Edit: Here is the link to his Youtube channel:


YouTube Channel:

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Amazing! I’ll try to make one for myself. :)

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That is gonna be hard! You would need extra precision and a detailed diagram of the plane as well as super hard paper

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apparently manila folders do the trick!

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just found the Singapore Airline advertisement video that he had contracted with them!


I swear someone already made a topic on this, not sure might be fine.

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After some searching, you’re right. There was a topic on this this past January that was closed due to inactivity. I must have missed it back then; and had I seen it, I wouldn’t’ve have posted this topic.



I would probably never have the will power or patience to even attempt that sort of thing…

I know my dad wouldnt bother, hes just too lazy

i am the savage king

It’d be a shame if it caught fire…

Very cool model nonetheless.

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Imagine if it did catch fire then this would be appropriate 👇


oh iv’e seen this guy he has got a special talent…i wish i could to that kind of thing

Remember watching this one evening after work. Lots of time, patience and precision went into it to make it what it is, a masterpiece

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