Interesting Loading Screen

Hey IFC,
Recently I have been flying a lot more due to the update (yes I had to redownload it which was fine). But on loading my flight it comes up with this:
Now it doesn’t look like anything abnormal, until you see the downloaded percentage, like 7892%? Interesting percentage, clearly when I was told that percentages are only out of 100, the teacher was lying!
Now in all fairness to FDS, this isn’t a bad thing all but just a little interesting.


Was it like this for a period of time? I’m thinking this was a one-off glitch. Might happen again but with different numbers. Good Eye though… 👍

Now that…

… is FDS’s secret language. Instead of percents going to 100, they go all the way up to 8000.

Yep, pretty weird…
I know…

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It’s been happening almost every flight since the update.

I would like to say maybe a decimal went off, or it tried jumping between the two numbers haha. Possibly just a slight glitch I wouldn’t be too worried about, though! Maybe it’s just pointing out your eyesight… 7892/20 XD


Strange. It hasn’t seemed to happen to me yet.

That percentage is a reflection of the awesomeness of the app ;)


10000000% totally agree!

Then it should very well be 10,000/10,000…

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