Interesting Find in Kuala Lumpur

Just found an experimental-type display outside of a cultural museum in KL. This fascinating aircraft features a front engine three surface layout (horizontal stabs, main wings, and canards) that closely resembles a Rutan Catbird (except the difference in HS placement). It turns out to be an Australian made Eagle 150B designed by John Roncz, a Rutan-inspired aircraft designer.


That’s…interesting…definitely interesting…

But also quite funny and cool

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Lol Ikr it quite surreal actually.

Cool, I’ve seen that beauty before. I do live in KL after all.

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Man it’s hot out here now!

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I’m used to it as I’ve been living here for 6 years and in 4 other countries with a similar climate, but yeah it is really hot and humid.

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I live in Kuala Lumpur and I’ve never seen that before haha

It’s at Muzium Negara.

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