Interesting Facts about IF

Hey everyone, as part of the 10th anniversary, I wanted to make a quiz on Instagram about Infinite Flight, and I need your help for that…

Could you tell me the most interesting or curious facts you know about IF? Thanks in advance

Enjoy this pic I’ve just posted on IG :)


Oh I didn’t know that, thanks for sharing it

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Playground is just the old name of Training


Such a lovely text.

Not at all. We’ve published several posts, blog articles etc with the reasons behind the decision making when it comes to livery addition. I can link them all to you if you’d like? :)


Now I’m curious lol

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moment of silence to op who just wanted to know interesting facts about IF

  • IF was originally developed for Windows Phone.

  • There was originally a “landing” mission for the Space Shuttle in IF

  • The training server was originally called the Playground Server

  • IF’s multiplayer was originally called Infinite Flight Live and was a limited-user service at first, when server space was tight.

(I’ll add more as I think of them!)


We can start here:

Below is from the “About” topic pinned in #features

Then you have this blog article:

Then there’s a bunch of posts out there from various staff members covering the same things basically, but perhaps worded differently :)


Do you know that Infinite Flight got featured on National Geographic? They featured the brand new livery of the new AF1 on Infinite Flight although it’s unsure if it will come to the sim or not…

Footage can be found here


Cool ones, thanks for the help!

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