Interesting experience at Sydney

Today while flying into Sydney from Brazil I had a really close call with another 777.

I was on final 34R when I first noticed the Nordwind 777. In the first screenshot I was at 4000 and descending and the other pilot was 2000 feet and we were 1NM apart so I didn’t think much of it. I assumed they were aligned with wrong runway and would be told by ATC but they weren’t. In this second screenshot we Less than 500 feet apart! Which is when I told ATC I was executing missed approach (which I should have probably done earlier). This kind of upset me but I when I eventually landed I realized Tower was busy handling traffic on the ground as well.

I hope no one took this as a complaint. It was a really fun experience.


Pretty close call you had there 😁. Props to you for being the responsible one and going around



I waa your Tower controller. At the time, the other aircraft was with the Approach controller and wasn’t exactly following instructions. But executing a GA whilst inconvenient is probably the best shout here, get out of the way and try again.

Sorry it happened!


No problem. Great learning experience. 👍

I, along with many controllers, respect you, or anyone, for going around at a hub when it’s busy. It takes a responsible person to do that, and most pilots wouldn’t if they were in your position, thanks!


I’m sorry but I don’t understand. 😬

It’s okay, since I am an Aussie and live up in Pymble. Did you fly the the BORE2 or something like that star? If you did I live right under the approach path and at the 10mins before landing, I see those planes fly over (if only the trees hadn’t grown so high though) so irl I would see you

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I flew the MARLN5 STAR. Sorry to disappoint lol. Must be fun seeing those planes though.

Good job on Missed Approach request, good professionalism :)

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Respective controller has been notified for you. Thanks for your professional behavior while dealing with this incident.
I think this topic can be closed now.

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