Interesting Encounter

Has anyone experienced the phenomenon where if you are searching up waypoints but then you have a typo and no results come up, strangely the FPL disappears?

This is not a frequent issue, but it just happened to me when I misspelled a waypoint and I tapped once on my device and the FPL was just gone. I don’t think it should happen but I haven’t seen other report of this same encounter (not issue).

Have you encounted this before?


Yeah, I’ve had this happen to me a couple of tines when I was on live. It was really annoying because I hand-make the FPL and all that hard work and effort would’ve been gone…


@AlphaSeven and @Claudio, Is this something that has begun happening to you guys quote recently? I haven’t flown on IF for little over a month now, so I myself haven’t encountered this issue yet… :/

No, it happened today, and the last time it happened to me was a year ago…

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Nope, happens to me every once in a while. My first encounter was somewhere last July.

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Hmm interesting… I have for the past 2 years, been much like BC here hand-making FPLs for flight to and rom China and one in particular being Dhaka to London, a flight I fly once a month, that I always have to hand-make, where I often type in the wrong waypoint, but never had this issue occur to me.

I’ll actually try this out later and see if it happens to me now, just to experiment around. Other than that, hopefully it won’t be a too difficult of an fix for the developers, if they can locate where and also why the problem happens to begin with.

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If gone is meant in the sense of the FPL remaining gone, then this never happened to me (eventhough though I had plenty of situations with wrong waypoint names).

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