Interesting Day Flying! Insturment Failure

This Saturday afternoon myself and @N1RG went up in the C172 that everyone sees in my posts whenever I go flying so we can do some practice approaches.! The pattern was pretty today with ourself and 2 others doing approaches. The winds were out of the Southeast at about 10 knots so elected to do the RNAV19. While shooting the approach in VFR, we noticed our turn coordinator was not responding. With it being a clear day and lots of airplanes in the area, we decided to finish the approach and call it a day to have the mechanic and aircraft owner look at it. Preflight checks looked normal I find this interesting as all the other gyroscope insturment were working fine and within tolerances.
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Wow, lucky you landed safely. Look like turn coordinator detect your roll rotation, is that correct?

It shows rate of roll meaning how fast your turning and if your centered.

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Any word yet on what was wrong inside of it?

I have no idea. Hoping the AP texts me back on Monday and will find out


Generally how inprotant is that? Becuais obviously I’m not a pilot. But it seems like if you have an artificial horizon, etc. is it possible to “just figure it out?”

Yah you do have an artificial horizon which tells you your degree of banks but the turn coordinator tells you if your coordinator or if your in a slipping or skidding turn

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Might I ask what “slipping or skidding a turn” is?

A turn that’s not coordinated. If a turn is coordinated than the ball would be centered inside the little white lines

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So it’s like a bank angle thing?

Yes correct in that


Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the HUD in IF have a turn coordinator?

That’s an attitude indicator

So it’s definitely an important instrument but workable , good it all worked out!

What’s the difference? 🤔

Attitude indicator shows an artificial horizon and how many degrees of bank an airplane is in! A turn coordinator shows the quality of turn…

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Important insturment yes all the time

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So how does this work? One does the stick, the other does the rudders?


One flies usually the one in the left seat and the other one does the talking/navigation and make sure the guy flying doesnt kill himself

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Are you both capable of flying the plane or do you have to go tandom ?