Interesting Crosswind landing

Hey guys, please NOTICE that this is not crosswind landing tutorial that is already published, this is just a discussion and maybe a tip. I still not sure if it should go to tutorials, so I’ll leave it here.

So this is a way to land in a crosswing using only bank and yoke. No rudder at all. I’ve practised doing it in 15-20kts crosswind, not only in IF and I think that this is pretty good. The main thing here is practice. Just use you yoke to be lined up and you will see how nice is this. This was not invented by me, that is well known thing. For a better look see this youtube video. (UUWW landing)



I’ve tried the wing bank method and I can’t seem to make it work as well as
the crab method for some reason. Lol

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with he risk of me asking a rather stupid question, but how do you know he didn’t use rudder in this landing?

Good question. You can’t translate his conversation. But I can. He just tells about this to co-pilot

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