Interesting Controlling moments at London City

Hi first of all this is my first post so sorry if it’s not quite right

I was controlling at city today and saw some interesting things
First there was this . I repeatedly told them there aircraft was to heavy.

Later on a 717 took back taxi runway 27 to mean taxi across water at 130kts
And then line up and takeoff

I also went flying later and saw 3 a380s in a line landing at city.


Was this on playground?

Why would it not be xD


Well it has to be.

Yes it was on playground

Ok well on playground your going to find many people do things like this sadly if you can come by on advance and you won’t see people like that.

I haven’t had live too long but I am grade 3 so can go on advanced but I quite like controlling so pg is the only option at the minute.

Ok then but if your confident enough you can ask someone to become an Advanced controller.

Maybe I will but at the minute I have lots of exams coming up so may be off live for a bit so not worth advanced controlling yet.

Ok I see well do well on your exams.

Welcome to playground!

Horrraaaayyy Playground a beautiful place to be.

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Sorry, but this is how playground works. Unfortunately, PGers can’t get it through their thick skulls that little LCY isn’t built to handle the massive A380s but nothing’s changed since I first flew in PG.

Even if you did send aircraft too heavy for airport command (I believe this is the right course of action… IFATC can tell you better though), the player likely didn’t care; he or she wanted to continue the bonehead activities [rolls eyes].


All of that said, hope it turns out better next time :). Just bare with the nimrods and deal with them, you’ll get used to it

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