Interesting Atis Mistakes

This topic can be used to talk about intersting atis mistakes. I will start us off:

KPOU 080053Z 30007G15KT 280V24570 RA OVC001 16/M06 A3028 RMK AO2 SLP250 T01561061 PNO

Can anyone spot the funny problem in this atis??? (the atis is real by the way; I didn’t make it up)

Apart from the overcast clouds at 100 feet, I don’t see anything wrong

Look at the winds…

What wrong with it?

“winds variable between 280 and 24570”

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Thank you @Joseph_Spinner the wind variable between 280 and 24570 makes no sense.


If anyone else has pictures of weird Atis feel free to post them here!

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