Interesting airplane model

Recently I was flying the Citation X in game an was using the free cam and was able to go into the body of the aircraft and found some interesting things that I don’t know if people knew as I hadn’t seen any posts about it.
The Citation X has an interior with chairs:

Even more interesting, inside the engines you can see a spinning cube with what appears to be the airplane texture on it:


There is some bedrock inside the engines 😱


That is some ‘intresting’ of spelling interesting xD
but yeah thats quite cool :)


The Cessna Citation, Cessna 208 and Boeing 717 all have chairs inside. As for the the lump in the engine that’s just a texture bug.


I think the 787-9 has a cylinder with the texture of the plane on it. I think it’s in the landing gear bay.

@Mattia_Bordoni Honestly with the cube in the engines I wouldn’t be surprised if that is how they are designed so they can connect the fan to it and have it rotate correctly. However, I could be wrong.

It seems Jarno made a mistake lol. It’s the C750’s design template!


it is…
nah not really.
no idea what it is.

i’m pretty sure the Cessna 208 does aswell

and 717 ;)

Also seen in the Boeing 737 engines.

Must be pretty powerful bedrock in there

graphics cube

Theres also for the 737

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