Interesting Airplane I couldn't ID

I recently saw an aircraft following some distance behind a South West airplane ( 2015 livery ) and the first thing that struck me as interesting was that it seemed to be moving faster than the South West airplane. And several airplanes fly in the same flight path above me and never have I seen one that seemed to be moving quite as fast. It didn’t look military as it was painted blue and white and had both engines on the back of the plane on/near the stabilizer. The other thing was it appeared to have a strange shaped object on the wing tips of each wing. ( Sort of like the Learjet 24 but it was a bit high up and maybe I saw it wrong).

Any ideas?

Any pictures??


could been a fighter jet?

ufo confirmed?


I tried to get pictures but it got out of view too fast. It didn’t look like a fighter.

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where do you live?

How would that help? and how specific?

By telling me your city,
I could know if you live near a military base a busy airport one of boeings factorys…

There isn’t an airplane factory near me. It was in a commercial flight path and headed away from military bases near me. It could have been going to land at one of the bigger airports is my best guess…

Callsign ?

What city do you live around?

I say it’s probably a private jet. Those things are fast

It might have been a Honda jet. Those are pretty diverse

I think so too. It could of been this one: image

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UFO CIA AREA 51 confirmed!!!

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I think I kind of looked like:
But maybe longer… but it’s hard to say

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