Interesting 707

MIT Operating this aircraft in conjunction with USAF as a testing platform.


I’m confused, is this supposed to be in feature, or real world aviation?

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Strange bird, eh? It would be nice to know what is being studied but I’m assuming the fact we taxpayers are footing the bill doesn’t entitle us to an answer.


All faith in #real-world-aviation lost again

Although this would be good if it was written well


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Very interesting indeed. It is fascinating that so many technological advancements actually originate from the classrooms and labs at educational institutions. What is not surprising is that MIT does a lot of research and development with several government agencies including DOE, DOD, USAF, NASA, FAA, FCC, and others. For those of you that are interested, they have a wealth of aviation related information and course material that is accessible to the public. Most probably testing some sort of radar/avionics, but that’s just speculation based of the radome on top of the fuselage. What is really interesting is what is in the platform that is protruding beginning behind the main door. I bet there are all kinds of electronic goodies in there. Thanks for sharing.


This topic is in #real-world-aviation, no need to be confused :)

@GBIRD, this is a very interesting airplane indeed, but I recommend you to write topics/posts with more productivity, to encourage people to talk or discuss about what you posted ;)


Don’t feel rained on…even those of us taxpayers who hold positions within the government don’t even get entitled to know. Compartmentalization at it’s finest! lol

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I’m happy I see my dollars in the air, whatever their aims it’s more satisfying to me than say… well let’s just call it “other” parts of the budget.

Did MIT develop the Apollo Guidance Computer? Among other important technological advancements.

Wow, what a cool and intriguing variant of this specific aircraft!

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That is a fact, in conjunction with Raytheon.


I think this is an awesome topic to discuss in this forum. However, more insight and explanation would be needed to make an awesome topic to discuss 😊

This topic can be an example for you 😉. The insight included in this topic makes the topic more productive and can spark healthy + interesting discussions 😊


IF I had wanted to write more, I would have done so. The forum is full of “suggestions” and “recommendations” of this nature. Too many so-called chiefs within. The picture speaks for itself and has generated discussion. THAT was my intention. Copy?

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Chill buddy, no need to take it in the wrong way. We only want to remind you that you should include more informations about the 707 to make this discussion more interesting 😄

Some captions such as the manufactured date, why do you like it?, some unique facts about the plane, etc would spice up the discussion 😊


Hey, he was just giving you a suggestion to make your topic more interesting :). As George said above, no need to explode because of some constructive criticism. Typically though, in the future, you should write more than a sentence, and a picture :).

Also, make sure to add photo credits :)


Fyi, an explosion would have read quite differently. But, the thread has now, like many other threads, has turned into a primer on posting. There IS a place for that effort.

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