Interested in starting a Virtual Airline?

Hey! I’m really interested in beginning a new airline : Vistara Virtual. for this I will need at least two people who can do the following:

  • Manage routes

  • Help me build the website and IFC thread

  • Help me setup the slack workspace

  • Assist in setting up the management hierarchy.

Please do reply, lets make this happen. ;)


Is great you want to start a new VA but make sure you are TL2. For recruiting staff before IFVARB certification, refer to this topic

No, the topic you posted is only meant for CEOs who are already in the approval process or have been approved by the administration team.

@Capt.Kevin_Thomas once you get approved by the IFVARB administration team, you are more than allowed to seek staff in the topic mentioned above.

Sorry Guys my bad…

Yes, there is a new one pinned in the #live:va category. Always double check your information before posting:

I must have un pinned it by mistake :(

@Capt.Kevin_Thomas check the topic posted above my @Thomas_G :)

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