Interested in starting a VA

Anyone want to join me in the steps to creating a VA?

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I’m already part of one, but you can contact @Daniel14, who runs the TFC, for some help if you want

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Hey @samdog27,

If you are interested in starting a VA, I’d recommend you reserve a VA first (steps on how to do that are in the thread @J2S linked) and then post a request for staff here:

Have Fun & Best of Luck!

I would but I’m part of @Aer_Lingus_Virtual and hopefully BA virtual soon

You’re all telling him how to create a VA, but he’s asking who wants to join him in a VA process.


If you need new staff. I would recommend using the VA staff thread. However, you must go through the application process for a new VA. You can find this thread in the VA category or using the link below.

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Thanks everyone!

Sorry I’m alrdy staff for one but good luck :)

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