Interested in joining ATC

Hey Avgeeks! I’m interested in going IF ATC expert server, my question is for those who are IF ATC
How long did it take to test you? And what’s the process of the test? How long was it since the requirement till you were approved ? Thank you!

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All you need: ATC Training [On Hold]

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Or PM them

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10min theory
15min practical
aced em :) i think, but its worth it.
Expert is really fun, players actually have to listen to you, everything is managed well!


It depends. The recruiters are usually busy with other applicants too. For me, it didn’t take long to complete the written test. Its up on you to get a good mark and continue with your practical.

If you meet all the requirements, you will be given a link regarding your written test. Once you answer all questions and you have passed, you and the recruiter will arrange your practical session. The practical is a based on a small ATC session, where you will have to open both Tower & Ground and manage an airport with 4-5 airplanes remaining in the pattern, departing, etc…

If I get this right, once I made my way to TL1, I PM’ed my recruiter with the correct information and he was happy to proceed with my written exam.

Best of luck with your IFATC process and hope to see you in IFATC soon!


The thread above explains what you have to do to become IFATC. Make sure you read it carefully because failure to follow the instructions will result in a disqualification. Best of luck! If you haven’t already, go and check out the amazing tutorials on YouTube and in the #tutorials:atc section.

Hope to see in IFATC soon!

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I’m an ATC Officer, so looking back at my wee days are rather nostalgic. I started training in March and trained for 2 months while waiting for um maybe a ghost to wear off 🤫. When I contacted my recruiter I got the written in around 3 hours, got an 80 something then my antsy self asked when I could take the practical as I had been waiting for 2 months. There was an opening that night so I took it 10 minutes after the written. I passed with flying colors due to my around 50 ATC tracking thread sessions, I became an approach controller around 5 months later. I had a quite in orthodox approach to entering the IFATC world, being I trained with tracking threads before applying.

Wow! 2 months of training till you finally became IF ATC?

Hope to join soon :)

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Very informative! Thank you!

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Thanks :) this is helpful

You are more than welcome to study on your own, contact a recruiter, and take both the written and practical tests.

Only the IFATC training is on hold temporarily. Please do not PM the trainers while it is on hold. It says so in the last post in the thread and following directions is something ATC looks for. :)


Thank you very much. :) I have a question, it says in the requirements
“ minimum of 500 ATC operations “ I don’t get it?

Once you open the app, tap where it says “Air Traffic Control” --> then on the top right corner, under [or next to] observer you can find your ATC operations.

Great! Thanks for your help :)

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Is recruiting on hold as well or just training?

Only the IFATC training is on hold. You are more than welcome to study on your own, contact a recruiter, and take both the written and practical tests.


The top right by my name is what he is refereing to

Isn’t it the same with what I have posted 5 minutes ago? 🙂


Just providing a visual 😁