Interested in becoming a Pilot? Here's some of the Airlines Salaries

First off, I’d like to thank the Southwest Pilot that gave me the link to this website. For years now I wanted to pursue this as a profession, but had no Idea what the pay would be, will there ever be job openings, let alone how I am going to get myself in his position as a Captain at Southwest. I had no fear, as I never really new just how much the Airline Industry took a hit after 9/11. Captain Sully really opened my eyes to what was happening in the industry back in '08, and I really lost hope in this profession. Talk about a dark time in Aviation History. But I can tell you now, if you are looking to become a Pilot, especially for the Airlines, you have no better time than these next 10-15 years, maybe even more. The Airline Industry, though still with a lot of improving to do, is absolutely booming. And with a Pilot Shortage coming up, Airlines are going to be hiring like crazy, and to tell ya the truth, they already are. I just want to share this Website with others in the Community to provide a bit of encouragement if you’ve had any doubts about this profession. Here are a majority of the airlines Salaries and Job Openings updated frequently. Lastly, if your wondering why there will be a pilot shortage, take a look at Delta’s Mandatory retirements for the next 5 years as an example. Also take a look at their Projected Retirement Numbers for the next 23 years. And of course look at your own favorite airlines, and charter companies. They are going to need a ton of pilots.

I really hope this helps provide a bit of encouragement for you. If you work hard, and are really passionate about aviation, this is the profession for you, and trust me, you will go far in this field. Im 20 yrs old and i’m certainly all in for this profession. Stay motivated guys :)

Here’s the link:


Whilst I certainly have no wish to pour water on the flames of your enthusiasm I would take the much vaunted ‘pilot shortage’ with a pinch of salt!

I have been in the aviation industry for over 30 years now and there has been a ‘pilot shortage’ predicted for just about every one of those 30 years!!! I have yet to see a shortage especially one that will force the employers to start providing paid, in-house training and adequate recompense to those working the lower tiers of the industry.

The supplied website above and the one I supply here are updated in much the same way as Wikipedia! So whilst the information is a guide take it as such and not as definitives.



Yes, and Ive watched a lot of videos debunking the so called “Pilot Shortage”. But when you take into effect that you have tons of pilots retiring, Airlines adding new planes to their fleet, which they would need crews for, doesn’t it kind of make sense why they are calling it a shortage? I mean thats how I see it. Forgive me i’m still learning haha.

It would look that way but you are failing to see the masses of inexperienced pilots who are already waiting who have been applying for every job under the sun for the past years. They will be mopped up first.

The airline industry is massively cyclical. We run on a 5-7 year sinusoidal cycle of peaks and troughs linked in part to the oil price and in part to the global economy. During the troughs the pool of pilots fills up a bit but the expense is crippling!

Massive orders for airframes doesn’t always translate into new routes requiring new aircraft and therefore crews. The majority of orders are for fleet revamps to newer more efficient aircraft to enable the airlines to scape a tiny bit more per seat profit from each cheap airfare passenger.

Shorthaul airframes are crewed at 5-6 crews (crew being 1 Captain and 1 FO) per airframe and 11-14 crews (1 Captain, 2 FO’s) per Longhaul airframe. So route expansion is a costly business in terms of aircraft lease, crewing etc.

What is needed is for major airlines to restart their in house training programmes to supply the necessary future pilots instead of relying on only those who can pay the extortionate FBO training fees to ATP or ATPL. We should be looking at future pilots based upon their ability not their bank balance. Sadly while we have a steady supply of those willing to pay in the hope of a massive shortage there is nothing to entice the airlines to train themselves.

It’s a vicious cycle with the poor trainees stuck firmly in the middle!


I hate to bombard you with questions lol, but I just want your opinion, because I’ve been getting so much mixed reactions to this topic, its ridiculous. To make matters harder, I don’t have any family with an Aviation Background, so for me its like i’m staring into space trying to find out the one star a lot of people made it to, how to get there, and trying not to die on my way there lol. So as a person, with absolutely no flight experience as of now, I should be starting soon, do you think it is still possible to make it into the Airlines? I know factors play into everything like the economy, weather etc., but from todays standpoint, where the economy is right now, and lets say its good for the next 15 years, what would you say to the average person on their discover flight, deciding whether or not they should continue and pursue this profession? I like getting everyone’s opinion, and thank you for the knowledge.

Can recommend reading PPJN if you are looking for salaries, t&c and some info. Also worth checking the forums on PPRUNE for info on getting into the industry as well some insider info. Though as always read with a pinch of salt or two!

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First off, break your posts up with a paragraph or two!!! Makes them easier to read!

From todays standpoint? If I’m being honest, the industry will be contracting over the next one and a half to two years minimum. At my company we are looking at slowing new aircraft deliveries and reducing route frequencies as the passenger/seat availability is too high.

Where are we now in the cycle? Well I would definitely say we are at the, if not over, top of the curve, at the end of a recruitment phase and looking into the downward cycle of low passenger yield.

Personally, and I will emphasise, personally I think we will see another year or two at least of little to no recruitment. Just enough to cover retirement and that’s it.

If you’re in place in a few years then give it a go, like all things if you don’t try you will never know.


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