Interested in ATC on expert server

Hi! I know it must have been asked several times,but I am really interested in Getting IFATC tag and becoming an ATC on expert server,I am unable to PM to any recruiters so had to start the thread. I have quite a lot of experience on IF,been more than 2 years I guess.
Attaching screenshots for my grades(grade 4) and operations (nearly 1000)
Screenshot_20190529-004251 Screenshot_20190529-004255
I have read about the recruitment process and the tests to pass,just need someone to talk me through it!

Hey, check out this topic, you can find every info in there :)

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You need to go a trust level up. Then you can PM any recruiters you want!

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As @TheWalkingFruit said, but please be patient because they could be bust at some points :)

One of the requirements is " * Trust Level 1 on the Community Forum in good standing". (This grants the ability to PM, among other things). What becoming Trust level 1 entails is viewing and posting here on the forum. You’ll get a notification once the forum moves you up.

Hope to see you soon.

I reckon you need to do a bit more than that. In my humble opinion you need to become a full member of this community. You’ve got 2 years experience, but only joined this community today. This means there’s still a wealth of information here to be discovered and many ways to be a valued community member. This community is just as important part of IF (if not more important), as the IFATC team.

So my recommendation: don’t just focus on IFATC, but focus on everything. And the “IFATC tag” will follow quicker than you think.


Also, i’d Recommend to start an ATC tracking thread before taking
your IFATC exams. Many people do this and it’s to train and practice your ATC knowledge which provides you some professional feedback.

Scroll through the community and know how it works!

Alright guys cheers! I’ll be getting more involved and serious with this stuff now,let the trust build up before the IFATC tag😉


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