Interested in Aircraft Photos

I just wanted to throw out there if this would be a good topic for this category and if people would be interested in the photographs of F-15 landing and hot pit refueling (Engines running during Fueling then taxi out again), Delta, DHL, Air Cargo, and FedEx when they depart the maintenance facility here in Jacksonville?


That would be a great topic in the Real World Aviation Category! I’m sure many would love to see those, including myself!

Before this takes off how could I move this to Real World to Aviation Category? Can I cut and paste to Real World?

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You would have to be TL2 to post things in the Real World Aviation category.

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Thank you, that answers that and saves me work.


Wow! just when I sent that, I’m notified I’ve received TL2! Excited about that.

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Are you kidding me? Send those photos dude this will be amazing!!!


I would love to see this. Seems like a fun job you have, love to see photos.

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I will provide some pictures today…Does anyone track Registration or just aircraft in general? I see been your from Denver CO. I was stationed at the USAFA from 1992 - 1997.

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I always track my flights, and the flights of friends, family, etc. I just get the flight number and then the aircraft’s registration.

We have Navy P3 aircraft and Coast Guard Helicopters and will being taking pictures of and sending them out.

Great idea. I would love this

I have family in Ipswich Suffolk, have you and your parents know of it.

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Yeah, I know Ipswich (never been there though!)

@Leonard_Paulson so you work at JAX…

I wonder if you know @speedbird203 ?

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You can create a #real-world-aviation:spotting topic if you want!

YES YES YES. I love fighters

I love the way I’ve only just noticed the title is wrong - I’m changing it

No but need to get together.

Hello Speedbird203,

If you ever want to come by Cecil Field, I’ll give you a tour of my facility.