Interest in an EasyJet VA [Poll]

Hey everyone :)
I was looking through the Virtual Airline Data base earlier and I happened to notice that there was no EasyJet VA (I am presuming that there is non). I was wondering if anyone thought it would be a good idea to start one.

  • Yes, I would like to be a part of that!
  • No, we have more than enough VA’s on IF!

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Side note: Even if the majority of you guys think it’s a good idea to start an EasyJet VA I will NOT be making one. I might join in as a pilot though :)
Happy landings,

Then the poll makes no sense


I guess so :/ Oh well I’ll just keep it. Too lazy to delete it ;)

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Hey I’ll make it

It’s part of the SA group

What do you mean by the SA group? Star Alliance?

Sam Airways Group

You can be my,COO

You can make the opening post

I don’t know about that joing a VA as a CEO. I mean I left Air Berlin VA for a reason.

What reason, if I may ask?

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The VA became to inactive. No one was communicating and only a small handful of people were logging flights. It was an amazing experience though :)

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I will make a team app chat

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Whoever wants to be a COO for Easy Jet PM me

I made a team app go to team app .com and look up EasyJet VA

@Sam1 just because I made this topic doesn’t mean you have to make an EasyJet VA ;) I’m not stopping you though

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I’m working on an application form can someone share our news

Don’t you think you should make one good VA instead of… you know what I mean hopefully.

Reminder: There is a rule saying that only one VA per user is allowed. You may fly for multiple ones, but you can’t be the “CEO” of dozens of VAs.


Amen to that!🙌🏼

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I want to be an EasyJet pilot on IF :)

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