Intercontinental Virtual

I just wanted to say that I have volunteered to take over as the new CEO of Intercontinental Virtual on this day October 11, 2016. This airline was originally founded by Planesforlife, but he now has a life-time ban, and I liked the concept so I took over.

This is the new official thread for this Airline

It has been merged into my group of VA’s,

VTG Group:

  1. Venture Airways
  2. Great Mountain Air
  3. Intercontinental Virtual

The Airline

We will have the same opening event as scheduled by Planesforlife, and we will join the interconti alliance run by @Delta747.


Airbus A320-200
Airbus A330-300
Boeing 787-9
Cessna Citation X


The same hubs previously scheduled and identified by planesforlife.

Thank You:)

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InterConti is proud to have you guys in! Welcome!

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Thank you very much I will run all 3 airlines in my group from the inter Conti chat.

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Great! See you there

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Ok great thanks:)

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I don’t see a website or nothing… I don’t mean to come across rude but tidy it up. Get some resources together.

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