Interception of Fiji 8009 A350 from Nadi to LAX

I was at Nadi (NFFN) messing around doing touch and goes when a Fiji airlines A350 joined I decided to hop on ATC and guide him out on his way to LAX, after he took off I jumped in a super hornet and intercepted him at 38000ft for about 20 mins. Good fun and got some nice photos (I just wish cloud graphics were better)
This was at about 3:30 and Fiji 8009 is still en route to LAX


Awesome pictures @N786ND :)

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Welcome to the community both @ElYuainXD and @N786ND! Excellent shots!


Beautiful photos, I already did it one day, but it was in an escort that I did in a VC-25 that belonged to the United States, my name is Natalia and I speak directly from Brazil, hugs!

Awesome! This can be nice sometimes lol