Interception aircraft?

If the Air Force had to intercept a civilian aircraft…which kind would they send up? F/A-18? F-16?

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but please be serious

If it is the Air Force an F-16. The Navy uses F/A-18


Depends on the location of the aircraft. Whatever base or carrier is closest. The air force has F-15s F-16s and F-22s. The navy has 18s. If it’s mainland US, probably 16’s since most states have them at ANG bases


Surely they won’t send a F-22 right? It’s just weird to send that to intercept a civilian aircraft

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It would depend on the threat it was imposing. If it was heading to the White House they would send what ever is going to get there faster.

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The situation wasn’t described so I wouldn’t know

Generally it would be whoever can get there the soonest. On 9/11 two F-16s were scrambled before they even got armed with weapons. If worst came to worst they were going to crash into the airliner to stop it

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Thanks everyone!

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The majority of the time I’m guessing F-16s since those are really common in the states with the various Air National Guard units stationed everywhere. Overall though it depends on the area and what airbase is in the best position to intercept.

It depends on a lot of things. If your are flying in a slow Cessna around the white house, they will send helicopters. If you are a commercial airliner they will send fighters.

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