Intercepting the ILS


Can someone please tell me how to perform this correctly

Thanks in advance

This may or may not help

You’ll notice that on the GPS there are red approach markings for runways with ILS. Fly into those, set your ILS frequency (to the right of the localizer) and follow the localizer and glidescope. If there is ATC they will vector you to it.

Should this be in #live

ILS isn’t only in Live.


… Or you could go to Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel and check out the tutorial videos created by Mark Denton, our pilot manager. He has an extensive real world background in aviation, having created a library of 25+ videos and growing. Here’s the ILS one.

But seriously. Take the time to look if you can. A simple Google search with “ILS tutorial” and “Infinite Flight” gave those results.


the infinite flight youtube channel is very helpful. there will help you for sure.

This video assumes people know what base leg is XD which if you are watching the video you wouldn’t know what it is.

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