Intercepting Moderators

Is it possible or allowed to intercept moderators on expert server? Is it a fun thing or does it get boring?

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In game, everybody is treated the same. If you want to intercept anyone though, make sure that person is cool with it

Fly though them and you get reported.

I don’t mind an escort as long as you maintain a safe distance. The moment you start buzzing around like a bee is a different story.

This is not just for moderators but for all uninvited escorts.


What would happen if you start buzzing around?

I’m really just curious about this works.

They would report you and you would go back to grade 2 for a week.

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Ahhh, I see. I know the rules are different in other flight sims.

You will be reported. If you fly too close to the other aircraft unless its a formation flight. Moderators and staff can report you in flight. If in a towered or approach airspace the controller will do so as well.
In refuelling its allowed. But that also high up. Preferably away from the major airfield.
A moderator can further comment on what centre right will be on this post 20.1.

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If your buzzing around and being reckless it shows you have no regard for the person on the other side trying to enjoy their flight on the expert server.

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Ask for permission beforehand, and if they are okay with it, you can, but be really careful. The minute you touch them or get too close, you’ll be ghosted. I myself have escorted DeerCrusher many times, with permission.

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I’m glad I stop here to ask, other wise I would have been smacked with a ghost. Thank you @Chris_S, @niks.goen and @Thunderbolt

In the event you do fly through a friend on accident while in a formation flight/escort, what would happen if you got ghosted? Would you be able to get it reversed?

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Good point, what would happen?

Only mods/staff can report you. If it was a accident you would get it reversed. At least I think… :)

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What about with the new update tho?


Do It in Casual server. In expert there should be no place for accident. If you do fly formation, with a friend or whoever, make sure you are in complete control of the aircraft all the time.

Flying through others does not belong on the expert server, even if it is an accident.


Sounds right!

Well If it is then I have seen about 100 people get wacked by other planes lol

No chance I’m doing it on casual cause that happens already. Even the best pilots have accidents, I think it would be stupid to get a week ban because you touched wingtips by accident. Especially when you are lagging back and forth.