Intercepting Aircraft

What do you guys think of an option for fighter aircraft to be able to intercept commercial aircraft, and send them to an ‘interception frequency’ where they must follow the fighter aircrafts instructions? Theres a lot of escorting and fighters intercepting jets, so I thought it would be a neat add on. Just so its not abused they can make it so its on the advanced server/pass a test to use it/or silence players who’ve been known to abuse it. This could also be a precursor to emergencies if IF ever decides to add those into the game, you could use fighters as a response system. Just an idea.

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You could also have fighters intercepting those who don’t follow ATC instructions :wink:


To follow this to its logical conclusion, ATC, in a fit of pique, would scramble a squadron and the fighters would have a race to see who could down the offender first. A little too Lord of the Flies I think.

But back to your suggestion of coerced interceptions. Sounds like a bit of bad airborn juju to me. It wouldn’t end well.

Who doesn’t follow ATC instructions, won’t neither follow a fighter jet trying to keep him out of course ;)

Interesting. Some trolls would absolutely LOVE this.

Best, Boeing707

(@Captian_Damian) Wanna do intercepts, come intercept me in SoCal out on the ADIZ boundary west of Miramar. ACM is the name of the Game, F/A-18 Call Sign: Scar007 takes on all comers. (Please leave the Civilians alone unless coordinated in advance pre-Flight) Max Sends

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