Intercepting a Cessna

I was flying around in my F-16C and I happened to come across this Cessna. I was like “hmm I’m gonna intercept him” and that’s exactly what I did. Here’s some pictures of my journey.
Server: Expert
Airport: SBGL
Landing on runway 10

And here’s when we both landed and parked


Oooo looks nice… is this expert server? 😍


Did you mean F-16C?


You need some more information here. What server, which airport? That stuff

Indeed it is

Sorry my fault it was the F-16C and thank you

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Thank you and I included the airport and server

This imo would be hard in a F16 to intercept a Cessna you must have been flying slow lol

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At least you didn’t have to come down form 600 knots to land

It’s alright.

I almost stalled out twice but it was a fun trip. I landed at like 150 knots because right after the Cessna landed I had to turn around so I had to accelerate a tad bit so I wouldn’t crash

Wow that’s crazy

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Looks pretty fun, and the first photo is cool. I’m going to intercept someone if they raid Area 51 again.

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nice pics :)

wow , an F-16 intercepting a cessna, what was your speed at the time

Usually around 160 knots the slowest I went was 110 knots

Very Nice shots 👌🏻

Target acquired permission to follow.
Permission granted observe only

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