Intercepted Over Pennsylvania

“On guard, Airbus A321, registration N983JT, this is an armed F-22 air defense fighter of the United States Air Force off your left wing. You have been intercepted. Come up on 121.5, rock your wings to acknowledge.”

The joys of training server, was flying from JFK-LAX and a F-22 Raptor from Joint Base Andrews scrambles and intercepted my aircraft… First time I got intercepted, truly surreal…

Aircraft: Airbus A321
Airline: JetBlue Airways
Flight: B6/JBU 523
Origin: John F. Kennedy Intl Airport, New York City
Destination: Los Angeles Intl Airport, Los Angeles, California (diverted to Detroit Metro Airport, Detroit, Michigan)
Server: Training


Most people dont like getting tailed by a F-22 but it looks pretty cool

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