Intercepted by Fighter Jets on Expert

Anybody else find it annoying when you’re just trying to do a realistic flight in a commercial jet on the expert server and you get intercepted by a fighter jet and they they proceed to follow you all the way to your destination? Unfortunately I don’t see a way around this at the moment. What are your thoughts?


Expert Server?

Loss of separation is not allowed even for fighters. They also have some other rules:

For now, I think your best bet would be to bring it up here:

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This! I hate it as well… Best bet is to check if seperation is lost. If there is, try and fix it first by PM’ing the user. If they don’t have an IFC account linked, PM @/moderators, they might be able to assist. :)

If this happens again, you can contact a moderator immediately and see what can be done about it. In the expert server, maintaining minimum separation is mandatory, so if someone doesn’t respect it, which would be the case in a fighter escort, it could lead to a report.


I’ve been intercepted into KDEN and they landed behind me and taxied to the gates too. 😅

I’ve been intercepted on expert before (during the surge of basically everyone flying F/A-18s) and that F/A-18 kept good separation, which was nice. They do have rules to follow even if they don’t act like it.

They did end up following me to my destination (which to me wasn’t a surprise since they, like me, seem to hang around that spot since I’ve seen their callsign around)

If they maintain separation, don’t cut in front of you or maneuver crazily, i wouldn’t see any harm in it. I actually like the rare times i have traffic around me, it’s a welcome change from thirty years of solo only flight in other sims.


I recommend taking a read of the reply from Tyler who is Infinite Flight Staff and the ATC Community Manager regarding fighter jet interceptions and how they should be dealt with from an ATC perspective, as well as plans for the future:

This should hopefully sum it up and it looks like they are working on ways of addressing this in the future as Tyler mention in their reply in the topic above.

Take care!

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I don’t think it would, that topic is becoming an area where people just complain about the ES. There have been mods reminding users on that topic to not just complain about it, but to find a solution to the problems.

Ima be honest with you, there most likely escorting you. I don’t think anyone would have the intent to intercept you. Many people love taking a jet out for a spin and escort some people.

Just saying though as in my opinion

Many people love to have a normal and professional flight without being intercepted and/or escorted…

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Understandable, I personally think it would be cool to be escorted but everyone has their opinions. I would do what they said above if you just don’t enjoy.


It makes good photos


IF Air force f18 unit ~anti trolling squadron~


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