Intercept message which does not make sense

A few days ago, on FNF, a received a turn heading XXX and intercept message, but direction of the turn did not make sense (I was almost pass.the localizer at that point).
I ended up just joining the localizer because another plane was joing the parallel runway and the radar was showing red.
What’s the best way to handle situations like this?

Approach will always give you an intercept at 30° off the runway heading. You are responsible for intercepting the localizer.

The message came in so late I was pretty much past the localizer already, so do I just ignore the turn part and intercept?

I drew up a quick diagram, are you sure it wasnt like this? They might give you a greater than 90* turn where you will intercept from the other side.


They should. In many cases they direct you to other side and forget you.
Or don’t give clearance to intercept. or give clearance without being in the 30° angle

Btw I missed it was an event, should be not a random ATC I assume.

When approach clears you the message is “turn heading [30° off runway heading] descend and maintain XXXX maintain XXXX until established on the localizer, cleared ILS RWY XX.” Once you’re cleared for approach, you make the turn then intercept the localizer on your own. Once you’re established m, they hand you off to tower.

Doubt it. I was about he hit another plane intercepting the parallel runway so that would not have made sense.

Was this at SCEL, just to confrim?

Yes. I was LATAM 501 IIRC

Whenever we use parallel runways for arrivals, there’s should be 3nm lateral seperation or 1000ft vertical seperation. In this case, I’m sure the other plane on the parallel runway had 1000ft vertical seperation with you.

That means,if the controller cleared you for approach at 6000 then the aircraft on the other runway would have been cleared at 7000 or 5000, maintaining 1000ft vertical seperation as per IFR seperation rule.

This video is helpful to understand more about parallel runways operations;

Was this on expert server?

I guess the controller didn’t see how high I was because I was definitely too high. And I saw red on my radar screen. I went around after switching to tower anyways.
Are side by side landings not a thing in IF?

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Two aircraft can be cleared for parallel runways as long as there is either 3NM separation laterially or 1,000 feet vertically.

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No, this doesn‘t happen in many cases. I‘d say, almost never. And if you‘re ILS, you‘ll always get an intercept (at least on the expert server).
The angle doesn‘t have to be 30 degrees, it can also be less than 30. It just may not be more than 30.
Btw, you can also intercept from the other side to create spacing with the traffic ahead and in this case the controller does this on purpose and didn‘t forget about you.

Can be flagged for remval. I checked the replay and the intercept intruction did not actually include a turn. I was just pretty late.