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I’ve played both X-Plane Mobile and Infinite Flight (which I think is the better overall experience and game), but I can’t help but ask why hasn’t IF tried to replicate the X-Plane “feel” with interactive cockpits?

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Hi Thomas, welcome to the community!

Sebastian offered a great explanation in 2020 regarding why this isn’t the most practical feature for Infinite Flight to add. See below:

TL;DR: We often play on small screens. Having to constantly zoom in to hit the right button, assuming you do in the first place, is simply not feasible, and may create unnecessary distractions whilst flying.

Nothing has been said about interactive cockpits, but rest assured if any news is to be shared, you’ll hear it!

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First, welcome to the community
Infinite flight is having much more plane than Xplane mobile simulator.
Totally full interactive cockpit to all the plane, will not be supported by somes devices. IF have to be able to run in a lot of devices. And if you look closely, somes buttons are switching when you’re activating the APU or the batteries of your plane. And, finally, IF is playable in phones with small screen, “missclick” can happen a lot. See this for more information: Interactive Cockpits - #16 by schyllberg

Wish you the best landings!

Cheers from LH

I always found it interesting how xplane did it personally

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