Interactive Tool for ATC and Pilot Commands

Hello IFATC Team,

I am not with the ATC team, but love to be a part of IFATC team one day.

My question is, do you guys have a interactive tool kinda like a sim or a emulator for ATC commands and Pilots commands?

For example, as of now in order to experience or to explore the full ATC commands and pilots commands the pilots should either need to fly in an expert server or training server with a trained ATC present, which usually results in getting a violation or warning especially in expert server.

This Tool which will act as an ATC or as a aircraft(pilot) request for scenarios either one of them can be a computer or a user. And try out the commands, Or else both can be user, can we have something like this as it will be helpful for many aspiring young Pilots and ATC in IF.

I would like to have full Pilot, ATC commands and sub commands in a list if someone provides it, I shall design a bot, or a app with the following commands as it’s predefined.

Thank you Cheers ✌️

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IFATC are generally always happy to help eachother out especially when testing commands with new IFATC for example. We have a place (with strict restrictions on how to use it), where we can test what we would like to know and learn, help eachother out by training and giving feedback on each others controlling, to making the tutorials that help everyone have a better experience in game.

So for example generally an ATC will go active, and someone will just help out by spawning in on the frequency and letting them test out what they wish until they’re done.

If you’re getting ATC violations when flying in the Expert Server you will never be reported for no reason, the controllers are trained and are very strict on what we can and can’t ghost on, and we can always appeal a ghost or if we feel it wasn’t deserved to stay. (say if it was accidental or believe the pilot should have it appeared for a reason). I’d suggest checking the User Guide and #ground-school:community-tutorials if you keep experiencing this.


Hello @Ecoops123

This works, within the ATC team for training, but as for the pilots they only have tutorial videos and training server, which are not accessed by trained ATC controllers.

When it comes for pilots to implement what they have learnt under a heavy traffic they usually miss out certain commands. Which results in a confusion.

Usually what I do is when I fly into a active airspace I have a flow chart with me written, procedure with commands like QRH.
When and whom should pilot contact if centre is not present, if centre is present then what will be the procedure, similarly for go around procedures, pattern work, when only tower is available no approach what commands should pilot give? At Which altitude and at distance you should contact the appropriate frequency, frequency changes etc.

Instead of spawning in game and trying this out, in training server which is time consuming and not as effective as it’s in expert as the ATC controller in Training server is not trained as ones who operate in expert.

Yes I agree with your point, as for ATC communication it comes with practice, especially on expert server every time we fly into a active airport it’s completely a new experience.
As for the current Tutorial and the ground school it’s good and users can understand.

How can we make it even more easily accessible, example with an interactive Module.

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