Interactive New User Tutorial

Hey all,
Just going through all the badges I can receive and I have a question. Multiple people have asked where the new user tutorial is but are directed to all the tutorials. When it says interactive new user tutorial is that just looking at the tutorials in the tutorial section or is it an actual tutorial?
Thanks a lot of any replies.


Also, how do you find out which level your are on the forum? People say it’s write under/near the stats but I still haven’t found it. Any suggestions?

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Start a PM with @discobot and mention tutorial. It’s for the forum itself here on Discourse.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

That can be found here:

I’m using my computer, is it only viewable on a mobile device because I don’t think I have it on here?

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James, I’ve moved it to #meta since this is regarding the forums inner workings :)

#support is for issues with the Infinite Flight app.

Oh ok thanks!

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If should be on there for desktop as well…

Wait never mind I found it. Thanks everyone!🙏

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