Interactive Cockpits [CLOSED]

Interactive cockpits in Infinite Flight

On the flight simulator market most simulators have interactive cockpits in which you can flick switches, push buttons and dial in frequencies etc. Infinite flight is lacking this, and I know infinite flight is not just for simmers but for other people. but an interactive cockpit could be an optional thing within the settings menu and you can choose to have this or the simple H.U.D

How it will work

This feature will be optional and enabled by a button in the menu and once selected you can push buttons and flick switches this could be very helpful as you could have a working FMC like in X - plane 10 mobile.

When it will come

this feature could possibly implemented in the Project metal update

If you think this feature would be good please vote above

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In my honest opinion, Interactive cockpits on a phone isn’t practical


But it works on games such as x-plane 10 mobile so it could possibly work.


Yes it does, but that’s one of the reason I don’t like xplane mobile

This is just my opinion, I completely respect yours😄

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Yeah I suppose, I can see where your coming from

This is a duplicate. Please go vote for it here.


So, your telling me if I don’t want it, I have to fly with the HUD? Why? What if I want yo fly in the flight deck view but without all the in- the-way click spots. It would be nice, but it’s not practical.

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yes, I can see your point. thanks for the feedback!

ill remove it.

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