Interacting With ATC On Training Server

Hey everyone!
I’ve just spent the past hour doing ATC at both YSSY (Sydney/my home airport) and EGLL on the training server and man some people need to improve! Please see the advice and suggestions below.
First of all, what do we see wrong here? Well, nothing because why don’t know who requested to change frequencies, well it was the guy that is holding short. I did say “contact tower when ready.” but they still wanted their own separate address to them.
later on, while on takeoff they decided that they wanted to change frequencies, now I understand that we probably won’t talk after this but still, don’t even both asking to change frequencies while still over the runway!
What is wrong here? Nothing, apart from the aircraft taking off, off frequency and without permission. Not to mention the fact that I cleared G-XEL for takeoff on RWY 2 7 L, not to go to the end of the RWY and do a u-turn! People taking off without permission happened multiple times.
In the end, I was able to take the busy workload (about as much as on FNF) (don’t ask why it was so busy) but after seeing all this I decided that they clearly don’t care about ATC and don’t want me there so I left.
Please check out the IF ATC tutorials (this is a playlist):


  • Only enter the RWY when given permission.

  • Make sure that you’re on TWR frequency before you get onto the RWY.

  • Cleared for takeoff means that you are cleared to takeoff only on the RWY that TWR has said. DO NOT go to the end of the RWY and do a u-turn!

  • When contacting TWR, only request frequency change when “contact tower when ready” does NOT appear.

  • Do not land when TWR has not given permission to land.

  • If you do not follow ATC instructions then don’t expect us to talk to you later if you communicate with us.

    Thank you, everyone, for reading and trying their best on the training server, I hope this helps.
    And as for me, feel free to send be cronstructive feedback so I can be the best ATC possible!

We know. It’s talked about every day. There isn’t anything we can do, or any discussion that can be rehashed, which will ever get TS pilots to care if they don’t already.

If consequences are all that keep a person in line (i.e. ghosting), no amount of threads will ever change that.

We all agree with you. It’s just that it’s a losing battle.

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Unfortunately, you can’t do anything with Training Server. There are 2 people for Training Server, troller and learner. If you want a better experience then I suggest you make a tracking thread and choose an unpopular airport. This will decrease your frustration and increase your experience better.

So I can’t post this to help them out? Honestly your thread/post made no sense, sorry!

Some people in Training server often don’t have IFC account and view this topic. Like 1 in 1000 people has IFC account in Training server (not accurate).

I’m not the gatekeeper, but someone posts about it every day, so why would this one change anything?

I’m not surprised my post didn’t make sense, considering it’s very long and you replied within thirty seconds of glancing at it.