Interactable FMC & Live Displays

I understand this would be tricky and that someone has previously mentioned an FMC however you could be able to at least tap on the instrument you want to use and a magnified interactiable version of that would pop up as a separate window for you to program. If I am completely honest I think this is where IF is lagging behind and intractable instruments would increase the popularity for more dedicated simmers (like me). It could also be optional for people who do not want this feature to reduce strain on their device.

Thank you!


Working cockpit is something I am hoping for in 2016! :D We just have to wait


Yeah! Affirm!

This would be great, would make it a lot more realistic.

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great idea. Maybe as a start they could add engine startups on the systems buttons where we turn on our lights currently and maybe in the future animate the overhead panel.

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Engine startup is needed

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Would love this in some type of Christmas update of course lol

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Perhaps it’ll come with the C-130. Only time will tell…

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*instead of saying ‘dedicated’ I replace that with ‘in depth’. Everyone is dedicated dependant on there depth of complexity in the sim.

Ngl I highly request this

What’s up!

This would be a great feature for adding it to IF, but keep in mind that is extremely difficult to make this possible. For example, developers will have to re-program the A320 Cockpit with all the possible button combination.

Bu this is not the worst problem: The buttons need to be extremely precise, and if you are flying in an iPhone SE this would be a nuisance!

Anyways, with the new Project Metal, I hope this would be here soon!