Inter-regional flight

From @Matt. Inter-regional flight are not allowed on servers that have ATC. Free-flight server is allowed but do it at your own risk -David. Thank You!



And thank you for that

NP Brandon, hope that helps

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I don’t see why Itd be an issue on free flight

I don’t see why we can’t do it on the free flight server (I don’t have the patience or time to do inter-region flights anyway).


I don’t really like it anyway. Did you even see the other region’s airports and scenery? Not in my experience…

Stop wasting my time! Mr. Labon said “No Interregional flights on any server”
Get it!. if you disagree or wish to establish an alternative even if it’s a nothing without foundation send a PM to the “Leadership”. Max

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You can do it, but it’s not supported or recommended. You will be ghosted if you try this on the Advanced ATC server because you cannot communicate with ATC outside the starting region and do not appear correctly on the map. Which causes traffic problems, so just don’t please. If you must try this, do so at your own risk on the Free Flight server only. Remember the act of flying beyond any regions boundary is not supported. If this becomes a problem we will simply close the hole that is making it possible to begin with.

Shouldn’t be too hard ;)
Just write in some code that kicks off any plane that is outside of the region boundary for more than 30 seconds (maybe add some exceptions for certain ILS approaches in Denver or something)

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Maybe you can go to Denver and communicate with Unicom there. :D

You cant contact Unicom or any other frequency in a region which is not your origin