Inter regional flight


i will be flying KDEN-KSEA on the free flight server in a few minutes if you will like to track me on live flight. Callsign will be Southwest 737


@Tyler_Shelton @Swang007


@HV9690 why did you tag Sean and Tyler


Coz it’s not allowed to do cross-region flight and it offended the terms and conditions. Matt made a post on IFFG regarding that.


Ian’s right. No inter-regional flights. You’ll be ghosted and run the risk of being banned. It causes game and server issues.


I thought it was ok in the free server I’d like to know the outcome of that.


Server doesn’t matter @Brandon_Sandstrom. Please have a look at this post by Matt. He doesn’t differentiate between servers, even though he does make mention of ATC. The terms of service prohibit cross regional flights.

If you’re going to do it on the free flight server, it would be smart to not make it public ;)


@jasonrosewell I can’t see it I have to be added to the group but I’ll take your word for it. It should be posted on the forum as well. @matt