Intentional collision by another user on expert server

Where do I share my replay file to report another player who tried to hit me in mid air? Or… I’m not sure if another IFATC who saw the incident already ghosted the other pilot…

So I’m coming in to land at KMIA on a 77W at a 4 mile final RWY 8L when I noticed that there was an aircraft on 26R. I was deciding whether to go around or if he was just crossing.

2 mile final I saw his G/S go up so I decided to go around. I announced my go around and went around when this happened…

I didn’t realise he was coming at me but according to the replay I missed him by mere metres as I took evasive manoeuvres.

This was the expert server so I know this is a level 3 violation…

Well, the IFC username according to the replay is Benjiwajs in case somebody did manage to catch him acting like he’s on the casual server trolling other expert server pilots.



Feel free to contact the controller or the pilot name @chaim2000 on the IFC.

Unfortunately as of right now you can’t report another pilot broke the rules in the Expert server. If you received violation because of it feel free to contact @appeals through IFC and ready to send your replay.

Hey! You can contact @moderators with the pilot name and replay proof. Thanks!

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Does not matter in this situation.

What do you mean?

What I replied to was apparently deleted, I can’t find it anymore.

Looked at the replay footage, I’m not sure if he got ghosted for aerobatic manoeuvres or if he already got ghosted by an off duty IFATC pilot. He did get ghosted, and if he got ghosted with a level 3 violation I’m quite happy already.

Off Duty IFATC pilots do not have “Report User” privilege. Only Moderators and Supervisors can.

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Can’t seem to find that person’s IFC account, their tag is @benjiwajs but a search turned up nothing

Personally, when I see all the hype, restrictions and requirements to get onto Expert Server , then see this stuff, its happened to me too. Its time to relax the penalties…its a game, a technical one albeit but a moblile app game.

The big one is dropping your level because you couldn’t play IF often. Like I forgot how to use it ??? I don’t think so. My monthly 9.99 usd still gets taken out of my bank account .

IF is a game not a FAA licensed activity. Next we will need to pass a physical to watch someone drive their on screen fake plane through a on screen fake 3D building. On Expert server…

Nothing wrong with realism and trying to emulate real aviation. Thats GREAT. but this go to jail and loose your IF license for making a mistake on a tablet , you pay for (And the game) is Crap

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The old “I pay for this game so I shouldn’t have to follow rules argument.” Been debunked by moderators and staff several times. If you choose to fly on expert, you accept the rules that come with it. There are other servers to “play” on if you don’t want to follow simple rules or keep your flight time and landings up to date. The entitlement of some is pretty ridiculous.


I follow all rules and take my fights extremely seriously.

You missed my entire point. so no sense debating it here. Keep your virtual blue side up 😉

I think violations are a great way of maintaining order

I mean look at the casual server

But I do mostly agree with you on the flight time per 90 days part.


lol yup look at it , scary to say the least.
But the stuff that happens on the “Expert” server is scarier for the sole fact that its purpose for existence is to simulate actual aviation.

So I ask how does daily repeated incidents of total out of control ground (and some air) aircraft piloting take place there ? I mean blatant 101 school level , “airplanes for dummies stuff” occur if you got to the point of being permitted there and reading the warning when logging onto it.

Maybe its just fingers slipping on little buttons on little screens. Accidental .

By the way I am not perfect , I have a few violations and am learning the world of aviation always.

But the stuff I see is a WTF moment…are you awake stuff ? lol.

So I’m not sure how effective the system is
maybe it needs a review ?? maybe not

My beef is this 90 day penalty garbage.

Real people have real reasons in real life sometimes to not be able to spend time on IF
So why if my account is payed for should my progress be set back ?? I didn’t forget how to pilot my aircraft after hundreds of hours in just 3 months. Again are we real commercial pilots requiring a check ride to keep our ATP cert. active.
The last time I did a walk through of my passenger cabin on IF the little seats were empty.

As long as we keep our subscription active you should be able to return where you left off.

If the fear is you forgot how to fly or land your plane , so you will be a violation magnet and cause a issue hence need to be knocked down a level before and such thing has happened is absurd.

This is solely my take on this, I know some may 100% disagree with how I see things. I fully respect other view points so there is no reason to start a heated debate here . Just letting my thoughts be made public. We all still end up using and enjoying the IF and aviation or we wouldn’t be doing this.


I resonate with this because recently, I got behind in school so I was busy for a month AND my parents had an internet thing where it automatically shut off IF after two hours.

So as you might guess, I didn’t get much flight time lol. If I was able to fly for the time limit every day, I could have kept grade 3 and maybe 4 but school made me unable to keep it regular. Basically my point is, yeah people have lives.

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