Intense headwind between NZAA and YSSY

Fellas, if you’re planning on flying from NZAA to YSSY plan your fuel accordingly. The headwind on the route is at 150 kts. I carried an extra 45 minutes worth the fuel and still ran out of fuel 50nm away from YSSY. Good luck!


Flash news, you didn’t bring any “extra fuel” if you ran out


Yeah I guess

Use next time :)

Use a lower altitude. Maybe FL260 or plan a longer route around the strong winds.

Check this flight:


I was flying from NTAA (Tahiti) to NZAA, and my flight took 2h longer due to 180kts headwind at FL380. My GS was average 320kts. However, Simbrief did a good job calculating fuel :)

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That’s why I always have at least 1:30 mins fuel extra on long haul flights ;)

Also had to go around once on 05R NZAA due to strong crosswind.

Same for me, headwind was at 175kts at one point and ground speed was 336kts. I used Simbrief as well but overlooked the fuel info smh 🙄

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At NZAA I was on final with 40kt crosswind. Landed pretty good. Use that Rudder!

Yee agree

Weather ain’t looking good within the TFR…


That’s because this is what you flew through (or at least tried to):

This is my FPL from RAR-SYD.
Green circle indicates very strong headwinds. Distance covers would be longer but with a shorter flight time than flying a more direct route.

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Thats awesome! I kept on descending trying to find a smoother ride and minimize the headwind but it didnt work.

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Wow, thats an awesome illustration. Thanks

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Yes, you should always check weather before you fly. Also when you are going to be afk. That way you know if you need to speed up because you are going to hit a headwind or slow down because of a tailwind, etc. Some great sites are Windy and, but I find to be more simple. That’s what I use. That’s what that “illustration” was above. However, here approaching Dubai, I currently have a 1 knot crosswind😂 Anyhoo, PM me if you would like more info regarding weather and/or how to use . Hope this helps!! :D

You should post this here!

That way people following the thread know and an plan around it.
Thanks for telling us!

I appreciate that! Most definitely will! Thanks!

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If you don’t want to run out of fuel, then I would highly recommend by Chirs_S. It uses Simbrief to give you an FPL and fuel calculations accounting for winds along your route, so you know how much fuel to bring every time. I’ve used it for all my flights and haven’t ran out of fuel once.

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