Integrating ghosting system with IFC site

Would it be better idea to have dedicated page just for ghosts in IFC site? It will make easier for everyone to know where to turn up on ghosting. Same as atc tutorials page maybe.

This involves connection between apps log and IFC sites. If Devs connect app ghosts log and controllers private messages here with this sorta tables, no need for third party to give direction to people looking for ghost related helps. It will make very seem-less and equal methods for everyone who needs helps.

It provides only aircrafts ID thats just basic info, no privacy issues.
It will create good structure.

Made this quick example after seen few threads, leave your opinions why this won’t work, Im not really asking for votes. This is not aircrafts or livery. Its up to the dev and stuff to think we need a systems. Cheers ;)


This seems really organized and I would say that this should be a feature.
I have no votes but if one frees up I’ll be right here.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this belong in #meta? Since it would (as suggested by the op) be a change to IFC.

One downside i can think with visible controllers name…people can see how many he is ghosting…maybe better hide controller name? Naah, if its ghost, its ghost. Nobody doing it On purpose.

Im not sure…it’s related to Live. Lets see what mod think. Never mind :)

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Using this system will make it seem that any ghost can be reviewed to be lifted when in fact this should be kept to the minimal. Sure there are some ghosts which are lifted because of error but most of them are given to actually ban players for a certain amount of time so they can realize what their mistake was.

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It’s bridging the gap between the user and controllers, it will give them chance to learn exactly why they are ghosted rather then they have this silly idea they are 100% right. And its better they can dispute it here than writing on app store without knowing the proper reason maybe?

Well a lot of people who do get ghosted, come here to find out who the controller was so they can find out. Instead of creating a system like this which can be abused by people who actually deserved their ghosting, they should emphasise the fact the pilot should message the controller on the ifc if they wish to find out why they were ghosted by them.

I think its fair to ask why someone penalised for week. One thing i found out on app store review, A user mentioned he is been treated like fool on the community site. Thats how he feels. Im not here to judge who was right. I think its better not involve third party on ghost, put a system in place between controller and affected user.

There is, its the IFC.
If they feel like theyre being treated by fools on the ifc when told what they did wrong then how would it be different with your system?

With my system…all ghosted logs creates table like that…search his aircrafts id
Send msg. Job done.

No creating thread like what should i do, or who should i contact.

This is an interesting idea. Maybe it could also be something like:

When your flight ends, it says (if you’ve been ghosted) You have been ghosted in this flight, please follow the link to the forum to contact your controller. It would then give them a link and the controller name

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I like the idea, however this might be disrespecting some privacy. Bc it’s definitely quite embarrassing to be ghosted…maybe they have to log on through the IF account to access this feature instead of it being public info

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Yes true…if the integrate both system. They can apply only the people who is in ghosting list can access the page. Like the Private lounge

Or maybe not have list at all just search box to search your aircrafts. Everything possible

Main objective is to make everything centralised regarding ghosts

There’s a reason the appeals aren’t done in the public threads, and it’s not because everyone needs to know who’s been ghosted.

Maybe the system creates temp id(code) upon ghosting. That would make person complete anonymouse…only thing he needs to do either search id or go through the list and send msg to controllers.

MaxSez: The Ghosting issue revolves around the inability to identify the IFATC who uses an anonymous ID on the aerodrome data block in Live. Plus the failure of the Pilot involved to fully understand how to challenge a Ghost by not completing the due diligence required to solve his/her gripe. “Individual Privacy” is routinely cited as the cause and effect of these false flag anonymous IFATC handles. I don’t see a privacy issue here, just requires the IFATC to establish an IF internal closed circuit “@“ address for the data block. Alternately the establishment of a letter box @Ginquiry or @ATCModerator for Ghost gripes. The necessity to post a Ghosted Topic to ID an Anonymous IFATC is redundant and a personal affront to the Pilot Involved. Solve the Comm ID issue and the need for the suggested Ghosting site is irrelevant and redundant.
Just Sayin, Max


thonos oh boy


Yes remove the aircrafts no. Add temp id and maybe hide controllers name too. Its duable.

Not really. We actually try to keep controller display names fairly in line across the board, but it can’t always be done with the static nature of IFC names (for people more creative than I).

We do try to be transparent with names if we can: