Insufficient Funds When Purchasing A Subscription

I just inputed $50 USD into my iTunes account and then went to buy a 6-month subscription for $49.99 USD, but it read “Insufficient Funds” after several attempts. Does anyone know why this is?

There is tax to all purchases. I’m not sure how much, though.

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Okay, thank you. Wish they had it added to the listed price because they don’t sell iTunes gift cards in increments of pennies.

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Can you double check your iTunes account? I had a few attempts made when redeeming iTunes Cards once, in order to transfer my money into my iTunes.

It says I have exactly $50.06 in my account.

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Yes. Whenever I buy a subscription, there’s always at least 10 cents of tax. But that’s because that’s on a $10 subscription.

Yeah, @Altaria55 is surely right. There is a lot of similar issues when buying in-App purchases, and sometimes you get the “Insufficient Funds” at the exact amount needed, when a purchase is taxed.

Next time you should transfer more money than intended when purchasing any product.

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