Instruments very hard to read

When in cockpit view reading the instruments is very hard and making an approach with just them and no HUD is not easy. would be cool if that could be fixed.

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Are you using an IPad/Tablet Sized device or a smartphone. This definitely makes a difference mate.

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Using an ipad

There are instrument only camera views if you are struggling. I myself prefer to use the HUD as it’s easier and clearer to use.

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i use the hud too would be nice just to use the instruments

Also graphics options can affect this. For me if I have anti-ailising off then it can be a struggle

Wow that is weird, I also use an IPad and for me I can read the instruments easily. It is all a matter of personal prefrence I suppose. You could always just zoom in a tad bit.

Is this because they are blurry or too small on your screen?

yes i am on an ipad but still too small

Are instruments too small in all aircraft, or are some more difficult to see than others?

What are your graphics and resolution settings? I think it’s the resolution that changes the way you read the instruments, I’m not too sure.

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I think the instruments are a bit small

Yeah like when I play computer sims it is fine because I have a large monitor but on mobile devices it is really hard to implement actual instruments without having them be too small to read.

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I honestly don’t know what it’s like reading them on mobile devices, because I always play IF with my tablet, so I’m not sure what you guys experience. 😂

You can always zoom in a bit to bring the instruments closer to you.

Same with me, I fly with an iPad Air, it might be my eyesight, but I feel like the airspeeds and altitudes are difficult to see. I always use HUD when landing.

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